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Posted on 2018-03-04 10:03:34 by BakaD

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-Wideslider mod
-Party DLC+Updates
-More Accessories Mod {}
-[Honeymod] Hair Extensions
-[SMPR] Mechanic
-[Painz] Colorable Clothing
-[Belgar17] Tops, Bottoms, Underwear
-[SAK] Various_Clothing
-[S_K] Mod Package
-[Skonb] Shimakaze Outfit {the bra. unfortunately this slot id got changed.}

Did someone say INFINITE ACCESSORIES? This kind of thing takes entirely too long, especially since I could not copy to slots above 10. There are some glaring limitations to the More Accessories Mod, but I've worked around them. If not obvious, the three models are the same, just the different outfits.
Floran wants meat.

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Maybe if the eyes were more little.

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I'm not too sure what the proper proportions for alien-plant eyes should be, but this seemed right to me. These are definitely not human proportions, though. You're right about that.
Rarely a day goes by that the anons don't confuse me...

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that girl in the middle reminds me that we don't have a good Lillymon here. I bet someone can pull it off

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【≽ܫ≼】 ➯ http://Ⓝⓐkⓔⓓ-gⒾrⓁⓢ...ack/l/illusioncards/31408