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Posted on 2018-03-14 13:04:03 by AnimeMadHatter2021

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My friends yet again i bring to you yet another Animemadhatter collector's card..Dudes and Duddets i bring you Judy Jetson from the HannaBarbera cartoon The Jetson's from the 1960's. It was a cool cute sci-fi cartoon of the 60's. Now Judy Jetson was messing around with a time machine her dad'd Mr.George Jetson's company is finishing on..but Judy did not know the time machine still had a few kinks in it..Judy fot in it and for fun wanted to see what the yr 2018 look like befor her time because in her time there are no more cars or roads for that matter..but in doing so she is now here and can't get back home...o no? will any one help her out she needs a place to crash till she can find some one who can help her get back or if her dad can help from the future..Well hope you can help her out ppl maybe she can help you out as well....HMMMMMM...Enjoy guys and shot out to the moders and card artiest like my self, and as always Happy Honey Select.

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Btw sorry for the type-O's its 8:18am and i should be in bed but as always am thinking of you all and had to make Judy Jetson up for you guys I hope you all enjoy her..peace love and Honey Select folks.

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do daphne blake next

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daphne blake?? you the boss man i will work on her for you guys

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Ahhh the Jetsons, I used to watch that along with the Flintstones on Boomerang. Great work by the way! She looks awesome :)

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thx i hope you enjoy her man ;) i know she enjoys you.