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Posted on 2018-03-16 22:48:21 by AnimeMadHatter2021

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This is dedicated to some one who ask me to do a Daphne Blake...i know there are a few to pick from but someone wanted i guess my take on Daphne Blake..I know ever one knows but just in case Daphne Blake is from a very well known cartoon called Scooby Doo...Well my friend's Good old Fredd wanted to split up...thank this so called Haunted Honey Select Hotel to find out if the hotel is haunted or not..Fredd and the gang have met you and thought you were cool and wanted you to tag along so now that ever one has splited up Shaggy is with Scooby and Fredd is with Thelma..that just leaves you and Daphne hmmm..what secrets will you find?...walk around with Daphne and find out...As I always say thx to the moders. And Happy Honey Selecy my friends...*Starts to sing* Scooby dooby Doo were are you..we have some work to do now.....

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Lets see a Betty and Veronica? I don't think they've been done.

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sounds good am here to make cards for ya'll so asking me to make cards up for you guys is what i want to hear lol so Betty and Veronica? ok....also always check me out because am always thinking up stuff to make for you guys. ::Peace Love And Happy Honey Select::

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o yeah i said it before in some of my cards but wanted to throw it out there again is were most of what i make is from so check this out ok?.. and another one is so i hope these will help you guys out to look for more stuff to put in for your collection.

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Nicely done! Thank you!

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Really appreciate that scene background dialog, gets the cogs turning...

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you all very welcomed and am glad you are all loving my version of Daphne it's always a pleasure to make good with my work and i love making background stories for you guys...just keep looking out for my work so much more to cum....i mean come LOL LOL just a little joke there but like i said thx to some one wanting my version of Daphne so thx to you who ask me to make her in the first place it was enjoyable. And as always my Honey Select Family..Happy Honey Select.

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Hey and thx Betelman....I do what i can to be you guys personal Genie of the lamp ur wish is my command.. ;)

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hey guys if you like my work and like to see more or wright to me what cards you like to see hit me up..look for me at just made it today so far i put 4 of my cards up will be puting more..lots more..btw just a note i will not be posting any loli cards on there sorry.

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one last thing i made it very easy on booru for you guys what ever cards you want to see just type tagme in search

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