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Posted on 2018-03-21 14:52:43 by Buffscale

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Some guy on the Discord asked if I would make a "Typhonian beast" so after a few minutes of Googling I deduced it was either a Jackal with weird colors or some fish thing. I opted for jackal.
So here's Anubis' big sister with gigantic jackal mammaries!



>>>M O D S _ U S E D _ H E R E<<<
>My most used mods, links, readmes, etc. Download this package if you are missing anything or have any questions, if you want to know where primitive shapes mod is, links to my skintex files, how to get wide slider to 500, etc, its ALL in this convenient file.

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Good Work!.. +10!

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No webm of her dominating that shota? D:

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looks bad ass!

and yeah, she looks perfect for shota doming.

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Hi the tutorial link to change the wideslider to 500 is not working,can you teach us please how to do it step by step. I love your work.

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You probably need to run the Illusion Plugin Architecture patcher thingy on your .exes

Just drag and drop on the .exe you use, should make a shortcut, then use that shortcut each time you run HS

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Yo is there any possible way you could upload your Txt log for the additional bone edit for her?? Ive downloaded just about every mod under the sun and she still wont just load from the card gotta do it manually at this point

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Do you have Honey Select unlimited? If so it probably won't work man

You also are probably missing some DLCs

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Are the patterns on her skin tattoos or from the skintex? Because I only get the red belly from the skintex file.

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