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Kaen. from Sengoku blade(world title Tengai)
Collaboration work with Silent Reader.
She's one of middle boss class character in the game 'Sengoku blade' seris.
We made her very muscular but this preview of card is bearly show you that due to small scale view and clothing.
Actually, most reference is Sengoku Cannon, as in sequel fo Sengoku blade. Cause that one is looks more tough and unique. I'm super thanksful to Silent Reader for he made this Hot & Cool looking.

Mod list
Hair and appearance : [SNOOLEY] HS Coiffure Pack, [Supa]Hairs2Wigs, [Iroha] PH_Hair + Clothing & Swimsuit_Package, [Roy12] Christie(for eye), Zeaska eyeliner08
(If your copy showing default hair, go to back hair setting and select 'Bowes')
link for Christie here

Normal Set
Swimsuit : [ZZ] JkBG Swimsuit C (CC) - HS_JkBG_v1.0!J5oFgDDa!htTLLOzDZ4o1lPkGOe71AA!1tIV2TrC
Gloves : Kunoichi Kagami (Custom Color) - party DLC
Pantyhose : [mdzz] Long Tube Socks (No Toe) - [Mdzz] Sexy_Stocking_v2.0
Socks : McM Kunoichi Socks
Shoes : McM Shura Shoes
ACC6 : Shinobu Ribbon - party DLC
ACC7 : Leotard Ribbon - party DLC
ACC8 : Sheath Kodachi (Custom Color) - party DLC

Room Set(all vanilla or party DLC except belt...i guess)
Swimsuit : Bondage A (Custom Color)
Gloves : Pearl Gloves (CC)
Shoes : Sexy Security Long Boots
ACC4 : Military Cap (Custom Color) - i don't know what is specific mod pack for this one
ACC6 : Eyepatch Right
ACC7, 8 : Studded Leather Arm
ACC9(Belt) : 鎧用ベルトB - [Honeymod] Fantasy costume set for men VOL 3: Armor of warrior Ver1.0

Bath Set
Tops (Swimwear) & Swimsuit : Helena's Succ - [Roy12] Helena’s Succubus Outfit from DoA
Gloves : Gladiator Arm Brace - vanilla
Shoes : Boot Sandals (Black) - vanilla

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MMMMMM! Thanks.

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great job keep up

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Isn't the military cap from cur144 military uniform mod?

Anyway great work, thanks.

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Did you install another mod for the face? Kaen doesn't seem to look exactly like that in the game (I have base game for faces except linlin)

Also no "Bowes" in the hair. Doesn't it comes from another hair mod?

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this is the "ACC4 : Military Cap (Custom Color)" link

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try B-type 03 in facial skin.
And Bowes is vanilla asset. That one is in the Back hair section. But if you having slot number conflict, that one may doesn't appear to you.
Link for Slot ID editor here

behy & Anonymous
Thanks for notice me mod package for hat. some items are don't have signature in name and they makes me tired sometimes.

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The bowes for back hair is one of belgar17's hair mods, I think...

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I checked vanilla asset list file and Bowe is there. Maybe some mod can be overwrite that but i can't find the source in that case. Sorry.

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