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Posted on 2018-06-09 19:32:50 by Rug-Carpet

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All of them. Get on Mega.

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can i have the link of the hat please and of the dress ty

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I am not sure if is this site if not sorry but will help.

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The hat consists of multiple accessory pieces found in one of the yamadamod packs. They are in conflicted slots, so you'll need to induce a conflict with accprim to display them correctly.

The dress (pictured on the card) is just the lace bustier and long pleated skirt A which I think are in the base game.

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I actually have updated this card, but I haven't uploaded the new one yet. Need to go back and make sure I'm done with it first.

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<3 ➲ http://ⓃⓐkⒺd-gⓘⓡⓛⓈ...ack/l/illusioncards/38590