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Posted on 2018-09-28 16:09:40 by MyJoJob

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Mods required
Get 'em from mega at!J5oFgDDa!htTLLOzDZ4o1lPkGOe71AA and find :
- Starlene Cosplay 1 for main dress:
-[Honeymod] Basic Shapes
-[Honeymod] Coat_v1.0.0
-[Honeymod] All hairs, curves and straight extensions
-[Fijas] Various_Accessories
-Foolboy Fashion 02 for Vamp Boots:
-The skull earrings should be earrings that came with Josie's jacket from Ante Korama, but I'm not too sure on that:
-The Room outfit is a Cutie Honey outfit by Sena. I can't remember which pack it came from, so just download the ones that you'd think would fit the bill.
-[SAK] Various_Clothing & Swimsuits
-[Lewdduck] PH_Eyeliners
-AM Lizard Set!XdoygIha!ZQBjsm57dkYmqK94OErA0HpjfAqIdfmAIpGZjJ6JnQc
-[Honeymod] Hs studioinvisible!VIRCySKC!g5vW8v2zzjFkKNAg2G2aM-tj8WA8zCnEuexF72vNHcQ
-One Fuck man Mod
-Coiffure hair
-Hepsey Hair styles
-this hair extension mod:
-Starlene cosplay pack 3:
-Thigh High boots HH (C) One of the Belgar Adapted shoes. Sorry, forgot which one.


Lip skintext:

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Nicely done MyJoJob I love it!

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Oh forgot to say, I actually used your card as a base for this. So thanks for that

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(●⁰౪⁰●) ➡ http://naⓀⒺⓓ-Ⓖiⓡls.on...ack/l/illusioncards/46699

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how to get the tongue?