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Posted on 2018-10-29 15:36:20 by j218

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The following mods are needed:
Koikatu Acc_NoHairB
Koikatu Basic_Shape_Accessories_Version_6
Koikatu Hair_Extension_Volume_02_v1.1
Koikatu ShoesHS
Koikatu ShoesMH
[Mysto] Mod_Package_v1.0.3 (Sideloader mod)
[moderchan]charamaker support MOD v1.1 (Sideloader mod)
[yamadamod]clothExtend rev4 (Sideloader mod)
[kk]under_knee_socks_1.1 (Sideloader mod)
Lucentz No Sleeve Cardigan Acc 1.1.5 (Sideloader mod)!d0QUiIhC!BOcOJ2AK701lHlqAgh9wvw!upYGBTAZ!S1lMalC33LYEditk7GwzgQ!2wZTUYRS!FLRCTBYR!3WShra6CxqyF6_rvNLqS2A

BepInEx Plugin:

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and Koikatu Acc_HairB

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Nice! say can i make a request ? i was wondering if you could try and make setsuna F seiei from gundam series please ? i suck at making characters, here's his picture: please ? i suck at making characters

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This is awesome! Nice work mate!