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Posted on 2019-01-12 03:03:54 by Hippie

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Scenario: Teaching his students sex education

Teacher: "Gather round girls, today you're going to be learning sex ed, and what better way than with a practical demonstration!
Kimi, you're up first, I need you to lay down on my desk and spread your legs. That's it, just like that, very good. Now, the rest of you girls observe and take notes. Kimi, this is going to hurt a bit but don't worry, it will feel good after a little while."

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Meanwhile the girl partaking in the fornicating breaks every carpal bone in her wrist to hold on to the desk. I guess that's dedication. Hopefully she got an A, and went to the hospital afterward.

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Haha yeah I struggled for ages trying to figure out where to place her arms and which angle, I tried various positions then decided to go with the desk holding position as it also alludes to the teacher being quite forceful with his thrusting that she needs the extra support. The limited space on the desk also didn't help! Did the best I could under the circumstances :)