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Posted on 2019-01-12 03:04:43 by Hippie

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Scenario: Female student is harassed by drunk man on her way home

Drunk: "Hey girrrlll, what are you doing walking down these streets at this time of night all by yourself?"

Student: "Please... leave me alone sir..."

Drunk: "Whoa now, I ain't gonna hurt ya, I just wanna take a quick look at those melons underneath your shirt, come here girl!"

Student: "Hey! Get your hands off me! Help! Someone!"

Drunk: "Relax sweetie, let me just feel 'em for a bit... tell you what, you stay quiet and I'll give you 20 bucks when I'm done, deal?"

Student: "....mmm.. ok... but please make it quick..."

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I like your girls, I hope that some day you share this girl and the punk girl.

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Thank you! Both of these girls are actually already on here, but they are not mine. I'll look for the original cards and provide the links to them when I find them. I'm sure I have shared the other girls though!

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Found them!


Punk girl: