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Posted on 2019-01-12 03:05:46 by Hippie

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Scenario: Punk girl is punished by police officer

Punk: "Hey, where have you brought me, I thought you were taking me to the police station?!"

Officer: "I was going to take you the station, but I've got a better idea. You know, you gave me and my team quite the runaround with your antics. Graffitti on police cars, rude posters on our station walls, throwing waterballoons filled with paint at me and my team, you and your little group of rebels have caused us no end of trouble. So, I figured I'm going to teach you not to mess with the law!"

Punk: "What do you mean? Hey, what the fuck are you doing, get off me!

Officer: This is how we put young punk sluts in their place round here, stop struggling and I'll let you go when I'm done, got it?"

Punk: "You bastard! Your chief is going to find out about this!"

Officer: "Oh I think we both know you're going to keep your mouth shut, nobody likes a snitch, remember? Besides, I'm sure you don't want to spend the next 2 years in prison for all the damage to public property you've done, right? Now, shut the fuck up, and let me do my job then I'll let you go free... Oh yeah, your little punk pussy feels amazing, you've dyed your pubic hair too, what a slut!"