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Posted on 2019-01-12 03:06:17 by Hippie

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Scenario: Naive girl goes to the gynaecologist for the 1st time

Lisa: "But.. doctor, is this really how examinations are performed? My mother didn't tell me about this!"

Doctor: "Yes, Miss Farwitt, this is standard procedure. You see, my penis will allow me to analyse the temperature and general environment inside your vagina to get an accurate reading of your sexual health, there's no better way to do this than through intercourse. I'm a highly qualified doctor, I've been doing this for over 15 years. You trust me, don't you...?"

Lisa: "Well.. I.. Yes... I trust you doctor... I'm just.. I'm not sure I'm ready for this..."

Doctor: "It's OK Miss Fairwitt... please relax, it won't take long. And remember, not a word of this to anyone, doctor-patient confidentiality goes both ways, it's very important you remember that."

Lisa: "I.... OK doctor, I won't say anything..."

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I can't seem to load any of these in Studio Neo.

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Ah, sorry, my mistake. Like a complete idiot, I took screencaps and shared those instead of the scene png's, I thought that was the correct way to share them lol! This is my first time doing these roleplay fantasy setups. I'll upload the scene png's now under 'hippie roleplay series scene cards' so they don't get mixed up with these :)

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And here it is: