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Posted on 2019-01-30 15:55:07 by dadgs

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If anyone knows any clothes mod that would BETTER look like those two arts below, please, name the mod and, if possible, link download to it in comments.

Nessecary mods:
[dak] New Head Type
[dak] Facial Retouch Mod
Skin - [Plasticmind] 4K Skin Diffuse Initial Pack
Back Hair - [GHM] Ponytail (Base)
Tops - [Starlene] Cosplay Pack 04 (Cosplay 07)
Bottoms - [SMPR] Hotpants
Gloves - [DrB] Gloves 01 (Cyber Gloves D2)
Pantyhose - [s_k] Full Mod Package (Loose Parka)
Socks - [Starlene] Cosplay Pack 02 (Cosplay 05)
Shoes - [808s] Original Clothing (Sporty Sneakers)

Neck Accessory - [Honey D] Harness Dress (Harness Chocker)
Head Accessory - [Starlene] Cosplay Pack 05 (Cosplay 08)
Ear Accessory - [Roy12] Bayonetta
Waist Accessory - [YashiroAmamiya] Nurse Set (Belt 2)

Thanks to Henk for HSResolveMoreSlotID. Now i don't even need to figure out which mods are which.

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I can't really get your cards to work I don't know why

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i no no how to intnet. pweeez halp!

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Maybe it's because all my id's messed up. Too lazy to reinstall HS. Google HSResolveMoreSlotID.