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Posted on 2019-03-01 06:09:48 by BlackMind

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All credit goes to miso_brk (Search: user:miso_brk)

A big thanks to him/her for creating and sharing his/her character "Elice" on 12/05/2017

Hope he/she can comprehend my gratitude.

P/S: Please treat nice to her, people who wants to know which mod i've used just post a comment below.

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hey friend, which Hairmod you use?
Which face mods you use?
You use Higeo face mod?

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Absolutely beautiful rendition. Which mods are used to get that beauty working?

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Sorry for the long absence.

REQUIRED MOD: Wideslider (of course!), all DLC (don't know how many, just download [flashbang's all-in-one package] if you feel secured)

Before you waste your time in reading "Face" section: almost require no additional mod, except Nyaacho mod for her lips.

*Hair sets: saw2008's hair #15 (15@sawhairB) {from Honey Select mod}

Contour: Head A 03;
Skin: HS A type 10;
No wrinkles

Eyebrows: Normal fade

Eyelashes: HS type 01

Pupil: Type 09

Highlight: Type 10

Mole: Left eye

Eye shadow: Type 04

Cheeks: Eyes and nose ridge

Lips: NYAACHO_PH_MAKEUP_v0.5 (nya2)

your choice

Top: [sak] Long sleeve shirt (colorable) {from Honey Select mod}

Bottom: [sak] Short tight skirt (colorable) {from HS mod}

Bra & Panty: your choice

Pantyhose: [Supa][Commission] panst_high ([Supa][Panst] high (GGShader)) {from HS mod}

Shoes: [Mr.T] 40U2M-Mayar_Highheels {Mr.T - MAYAR003}

02/ W.Ribon(cc)
03/ E.Ribon(cc)
(02 & 03 come from [Lewdduck] Ribbon + LGloves {from HS mod})
04/Round watch (black)

I left 01 blank for those who wants a glasses girl.

Again, all credit goes to user miso_brk.