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Posted on 2019-06-12 12:26:46 by saikou201

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Needs latest HF patch. Biiiiiiiiig thanks to RichDick's kasumi card for her hair. I tried making it myself and gave up after seeing how horrible my hair accessory crafting skills were, till I saw his card pop up on the site. I really didn't know who else to end this whole maid trio squad thing since they weren't a whole lotta of cards for me to work off of. The accessories are edited a tad bit to fit my card but still, biiiiiig thanks to RichDick, dude is a life saver. Made this for the Persona 5 Royal trailer that dropped a while ago and holy crap she is not only cool as hell but also a goddamn cinnamon roll.

Last part of the maid trio squad, idk if i'm gonna make more of this stuff. Since I only get Koikatsu for the character creator since most anime character creators are hot garbage (custom maid 3d 2 was meh), but feel free to throw down a request if you want, proly won't do it but, eh maybe I will.