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Posted on 2019-07-28 01:11:39 by Return_of_Potato_Salad

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Elon Musk's favorite cat girl, Kagerou Imaizumi! Even though she's a wolf girl. fuckin plebs tryin' to front. Apparently all the girls in Touhou lean heavily on the cute side. None of them look sexy, so I guess the fandom ramped up the sexiness factor up to a bajillion. Anyways, this is also yet another "I thought I had some cards that I could just fuse together to make the hair." Once again, this is from scratch. I edited the face, body, and hair, oh and gave her new ears and a fang cause wolf. Anyways, she looks way older than the base she was built on because I don't actually play Touhou. All I know about is from porn, and boy there is this really great doujin of her that I based this card off of. Holla if you want a link. It's pretty good shit.

엘데크 Not only did he make the original, but he also did all the clothes. Though I tossed in some new ones for funsies. Does it fit the character? Not really. But eh fuck it.

Yeah I'm just dumping a whole buncha card edits. I will be making original shit later.

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Gimme the sauce, Boss!

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I'd recommend looking that up nhentai if you're on mobile as tsumino's ads make it impossible to access the site. Seriously it outright replaces the page, meaning you can't never read more than one page. It's horseshit.