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Posted on 2019-10-03 04:53:59 by Chargin_Chuck

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Katia Managan from the webcomic Prequel. Uses BoneMod and Wideslider with one or two values maxed out at 600 and -200.

Used the clothing, the accessories, and some of the body/face settings from BLUHman's version here:

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Uses the Sideloader Modpack and HF Pack. May use some outdated mods, sorry about that.

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I don't use Koikatsu, so I really don't know the effort that goes into non-human looking characters, but damn this came out really solid.

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I've found that you generally want to avoid using wideslider beyond a certain amount, but to get the eyes shaped like that, I had to rotate them by 200, and use different irises for the two eyes, ones that were tilted by about 40 degrees.

The lips and chin behave real strangely with the lighting and clip with the mouth real easily. The lips still look weird from some vertical angles and I couldn't find a way around that, sadly.

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Ah dang it, I always forget to do something with these cards.

Compared it to some frames from the comic and found I put the eyes too close together. Increased Eye Spacing to 40. Now the irises clip through the eyelids when she blinks. So I reduced the Eye Depth to 80.

this program is silly sometimes