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Posted on 2020-01-27 07:39:41 by Anonymous

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Looks good, but a few things for constructive criticism that will make her look better imo:

1. Her head is cartoonish big. Bella in the original HTH games had a smaller head. I adjusted her Head Size to 32 and it looks so much better.

2. I removed her accessories in slots in 6, 8, and 11 for all of her outfits. The side hip fur doesn't look good in certain scenes and the belly stretch marks are kind of a turn off. Bella never had stomach stretch marks from the original game.

3. Her Casual and Club outfits were missing her top, so I'm gonna guess that it was supposed to be the Bra Type: Fantasy Swimsuit Top? Not sure if it had something to do with my version of the game but it works now since I added that top to those outfits.

Are you planning to do Rio Davis in the near future?

Posted on 2020-01-28 02:07:14 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down)    (Report as spam)
hey man, thanks for the tips. the head indeed looks better at 32, i don't know about the stretch marks (i play on a toaster so there are some details i may be missing or not noticing), that and the and the accessories are leftovers from the card i used as base (on source). i didn't put too much time on this one so it's my fault.
For the top i use a sports bra version with cleavage ( i don't know what mod it is, sorry).

i'm not a fan of hth so i don't think i'm going do another for a while but who knows, i can give it a try sometime.

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Hey, next time, upload on your account so I can follow your stuff.

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I wanna share something with you guys I found on u18chan.

> Topic for HTH offline

> TL;DR download link for HTH offline.

I would recommend to download a standalone flashplayer, so you don't have to use a browser or things like that. You can download one from here :

> CTRL+F = Type in "Flash Player archives"
> Download the latest .exe and (if you've downloaded the HTH zip) drag 'n' drop hth_launch.swf onto flash player .exe, in my case its "flashplayer32_0r0_314_win_sa_debug.exe"

Typed this in a rush, just wanted to say there is an alternative than using the premade .exe from HTH folder. I don't trust such files. The file comes in with a readme.

*Flies away*